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About us

Welcome! The International Churches of Word Center & Affiliates aka ICWCA is a local church organization in Los Angeles, California. In January 2012, the founders launched what is called Merge 2012. Merge 2012 is a church model that Alan & T. Marvene Wright received from the Lord as they began to search GOD and His Word to answer questions: What is Church? Why do we do Church the way we do? Who are we here to serve? Does the Church tell the community what they need or do we engage with the people and find out what they need?


During this time of inquiry, the United States of America was experiencing economical/financial/employment challenges. Many churches were experiencing low attendance, low tithes and offerings, and declining morale and loyalties from the congregants. The leaders themselves were experiencing discouragement, lack of fellowship and lack of vision. As a result of the climate in the nation, churches were literally closing without notice. Pastors were walking away from their congregations in discouragement or leaders who should have or needed to retire, had no plan of succession in place, thereby leaving the congregants in confusion, without direction, vulnerable and open to deception.


In their Spirit, they heard the word "Merge". Their assignment then was to initiate a model to assist small churches transition into a healthy viable unit of believers where Pastors/Leaders could concentrate on and develop his/her strongest area of ministry. Those Pastors were also invited to join the Pastoral/Ministerial Leadership Team of ICWCA.


They were impressed to share the concept with six (6) Pastors in the greater Los Angeles area. At the end of 2012, which proved to be a very successful year of merging and mixing, Alan & Marvene entered 2013 with an openess and willingness to continue the move of God in sharing the concept with others who would thrive in such a setting.


Welcome to Merge!


Alan & T. Marvene Wright, Lead Pastors

List of Recognized Pastors 
and Licensed/Ordained Ministers
(alphabetical order)


Pastors Alan & T. Marvene Wright

Lead Pastors

  • Alexander, Ritine

Healing Ministry

  • Demus, Natalie

Social Services & Resources

  • Franklin. James

Discipleship Ministry

  • Franklin, Maggie

Membership Ministry

  • Henderson, Marsha

Leadership Training

  • Remillard, Terri

Prayer Ministry​​

  • Williams, Catherine

Grief/Bereavement Ministry

  • Wright, Francene

Family Matters

  • Wright, Joseph

Biblical Research/Study Ministry

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