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"What We Could Not Do Alone, We Can Do Together"

Our commitment to our church members, congregation, and world during this time of what is called a Pandemic COVID-19 is safety and health for all humans. We as believers have the power and ability to pray, speak deliverance and participate as role models in following the changes, closures, and inconveniences which overall are being set into place to help protect and give services to those in need. Together we can help in a powerful way to save lives both spiritual and physically.

International Churches of Word Center & Affiliates
Pastors Alan & T. Marvene Wright, Lead Pastors
Join us this week for our church fellowships and gathering!!

Effective NOW! Until Further Notice!

Please gather with us on Telephone Conference Line (605) 475-4000 with access code 792869#. 

The playback option is available for any recorded services. The number is (605) 475-4099 with access code 792869#. You may callback and hear any service that has been recorded.


Again, welcome to the official website for The International Churches of Word Center & Affiliates. Perhaps you are new to our ministry and want to learn more or maybe you're a prospective guest/member and need more information before joining in our services. Not a problem, just click the link below and it will take you to a page where you can learn all about I.C.W.C.A.



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Have you checked out our 'Upcoming Events' page? What are you waiting for? I'm sure there is an upcoming event that you are interested in attending and being a part of. Click the link below to go to our 'Upcoming Events' page so that you may learn about the awesome events ahead of us.





Upcoming Events >

Want to hear one of the many teachings that we have on file? or Want to view one of our videos recorded from our services? If your answer was 'Yes' to either of those questions, you'll want to check out our 'Sermons' page and our 'Videos' page. Both pages will be updated regularly in order to keep you up to date on what's new with I.C.W.C.A. Click one of the links below to go to either our 'Sermons' page or 'Videos' page.


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